Cabrellon Srl

Cabrellon Srl is leader in the production of chocolate molds.

Born in 1966, our company celebrates this year 55 years of activity. Every day we dedicate ourselves to satisfy our customer exigencies, putting commitment and passion even in the smallest details.

We recognize the importance of always being in step with the latest innovations and, for this reason, our company invests every year in the purchase of new machines that make possible the realization of all types of molds requested by our customers.

Another important point of our company policy is the safeguard of the environment: for this reason, we have been producing and using clean energy for many years. The current average production is of 1500 KW per day.

Today Cabrellon Srl is developed on 8500 m2 of covered area and a machinery pool of 11 injection molding machines and a staff of 70 employees.

We export all over the world