Instructions for correct washing of polycarbonate molds

A correct and regular maintenance is essential to obtain excellent results in production and to extend considerably the life of polycarbonate molds for chocolate. 

We recommend to regularly making the washing of the molds, preferably by using specific machines, and to stock them perfectly clean and dried.

Here following you will find some simple but very important instruction for correct washing of our polycarbonate chocolate molds, suitable for washing with specific machinery and hand washing:

  • First of all, we suggest to never remove the chocolate residues with rough clothes or sponges, because they would definitely damage the mold surface.
  • Water used for washing must be demineralized or reverse-osmosis water, because a high hardness of the water may compromise the surface of the molds letting halos after washing. Further to this, water has a hydrolytic effect on molds in polycarbonate causing the degradation of the material: higher temperatures causes a quicker degradation of the material.
  • We recommend to limit washing temperature maximum to 55°C, because over 50°C hydrolytic degradation starts to speed up.
  • Cleaning agent used must be a delicate product suitable for polycarbonate molds washing or at least with a low alkaline content. Our company can provide a specific product studied for delicate washing of our molds; in any case, no matter you use our specific cleaning product or other products, we recommend to always following dosing indicated by the producer.
  • To rinse the molds, we recommend to add rinse aid to water. Its action allows the water to slip away from the surface of the molds, avoiding thus any halo.
  • Water pressure used both on washing and rinsing of the molds in polycarbonate do not have to exceed the 2 bars.
  • For washing made with molds washing machine, drying temperature must not exceed the 70°C (for molds realized with Bisphenol A, temperature must be considerably reduced).

Further to washing, also a correct storage allows a longer durability of the life of our molds in polycarbonate. So, we recommend to pack the molds in closed boxes and to stock them on perfectly plane surfaces and slightly lifted from ground, far away from lights or heat sources.

Finally, we remind our customers that also a correct storage shall allow a greater life to our molds. Therefore, we recommend storing the molds on perfectly flat surfaces and slightly lifted form the ground.

The molds must be packed in closed boxes and most of all far from the light or heat sources.

Tanks of soap and rinse agent

The company Cabrellon supplies tanks of soap and rinse agent for a delicate and effective washing of the moulds.
The chemical composition of the products for the cleaning is specifically indicated for the washing of our polycarbonate moulds.

POLICARB is a concentrated product with degreasing action which get a perfect washing without leaving any trace of alkaline residue and this independently from the hardness grade of the water.  It has been appropriately studied for the removal of the chocolate on the moulds and for the degreasing of the machineries in the food industry.

Product according to HACCP.

POLICARB  can be used either manually or with a washer-cleaning machine.

BRILLCARB is used as adjuvant during the washing on the rinsing phase which gets into the market in an innovative way since it is free from phosphates.  It has been studied as neutralizer of the POLICARB in the last phase of the washing since it is suitable for maintaining the moulds in polycarbonate shiny and bright.

Product according to HACCP.

Suggest product in any glass-washer machines.