Personalized molds

Our collaborators are real artists in transforming a simple sketch in a smiling rabbit or in a funny Santa Claus and their expert hands do not leave out any detail so that each product results a small masterpiece.
We are not only attentive to products design, but we also take care about the development of the complete mold that will work on the lines of our customers.
Further to classical molds for chocolates with sizes 275×135,275×175 or 275×205, our company is able to develop different kinds of molds for each kind of molding lines: classical molding lines, one-shot, cold press/frozen cone, transfer sheet, double molds with retractile pins and/or magnets, skeleton molds, book molds for spinning machines, port molds frames, demolding plates and much more.

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Molds for personalized chocolates for small productions

To reply to any exigency of our customers, our company can realize personalized molds for chocolate, thanks to rapid prototyping.
This innovative system allows to produce the personalized molds for pralines also in small quantities: this means that, with a minimum investment of 10 molds only, every of our customers can obtain pralines completely personalized, based on his exigencies.
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