Spinning Machines for Chocolate Hollow Subjects

To better satisfy our customers’ requests, we also offer a series of Spinning Machines for the realization of hollow chocolate subjects.
To simplify and speed up growing companies thanks to technological innovation, we have realized three different kind of spinning machines with different load capacity:

  • The small MINI ROTATIVA 50 equipped with 2 arms is able to work up to 0,75 KG of chocolate in each arm and it has been studied for smaller laboratories with a small space.
  • The MINI ROTATIVA 100 is equipped with 4 arms, with a maximum capacity of 1 KG per each arm.
  • The MAXI ROTATIVA 200 equipped with 8 arms allows to work with 6 KG of chocolate per arm, it has been studied for companies with a bigger production.

Click here to download technical sheets.

Video of our Spinning Machine