Our Ethical Code

We strongly believe that, in order to consider “ethic” a company, this must not only respect legislation but must also embrace social values, but that it endorses the social values by adopting respectful job politics of human rights and of the environment, and extending its responsibility, also to the surrounding community.
For this reason, Cabrellon Srl is committed in conducting his business respecting human rights of his employees treating them with dignity and by following Laws prescribed by International Community. Inside our company there is no recourse, under any circumstances, to involuntary piecework, prison work or forced work. Occupation is voluntary. Moreover, Cabrellon Srl does not use child labor.
In our company wages are applied in accordance with the legal terms or minimum standards of the employment contracts. In the recruitment regulations and laws that forbid discrimination on the base of Religion, race, nationality, skin color, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, health condition, political opinion or any other foundation prohibited by law.
Cabrellon Srl provides its employees with a safe and healthy workplace complying with laws and regulations as well as applicable industrial standards. Keeps in fact the security of the buildings, of the machinery safety and personal protective equipment. Workers are also asked to identify and mitigate risks to their safety and health.
Provides its employees with adequate work conditions that guarantees access to drinking water and to health facilities, access to emergency medical care, fire safety, further to adequate lightening and ventilation.
Regarding environment, Cabrellon Srl is aware of and recognizes that environmental liability is an integral part in the production of high quality products. So, it commits itself to continuously improve its environmental performance. It also complies with applicable industry laws, regulations and standards. To prevent and minimize negative environmental impact, Cabrellon Srl implement a training and information program involving its employees.

Social responsability regarding the enviroment

Concerning the environment, the company Cabrellon Srl is aware and recognizes that the responsibility towards the environment is an integral component in the production of the high quality products.

For this reason, it is committed to continuously improve its own environmental performance.

Furthermore, it follows the laws, regulations and the standards in force in its field.

In order to prevent and minimize the negative environmental impacts, the company Cabrellon pursues a training and information program involving also its employees.

In addition, the firm is engaged in the production of its own energy needs through the installation of solar panels which have been placed on a surface of 8500 m2 and reaching a daily production of around 1500 KW.

Considering also the waste disposal as a fundamental issue, the company Cabrellon entrusts this important task to certificated firms which are specialized in this function.

The necessary maintenance in the cleaners and filtration systems for the environmental protection is done periodically in order to avoid any dispersion of waste substances